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2009 Submissions

Eruption Eruption Rated Stars Dodge fireballs, boulders, and rocky outcroppings as you fly through an erupting volcano! Skill - Avoid Xue Xue Rated Stars Explore caverns searching for crystals and grabbing fuel to stay alive! Action - Other Benevolence Benevolence Rated Stars A game about arranging tiles to match patterns, and satisfying the requests of your people Puzzles - Sliding QuestLine QuestLine Rated Stars QuestLine: find and trade for bizzare items in a search for all the possible endings! Adventure - Other Stone & Light Stone & Light Rated Stars Stone & Light is a puzzle game, somewhat like a sudoku or a magic square puzzle Puzzles - Other LavaRun LavaRun Rated Stars Leap from platform to platform to collect crystals; just be sure not to fall in the lava! Skill - Other Summit Summit Rated Stars Try to reach the summit of the mountain, and rescue fellow mountaineers; can you do both? Skill - Avoid LootMore LootMore Rated Stars LootMore is a dungeon crawler with a variety of weapons and items to both loot and equip Adventure - RPG Squee! (Wasabi Project) Squee! (Wasabi Project) Rated Stars Fly around inside an octopus ship collecting strange items! Skill - Collect Unfortunate Necromancer 2 Unfortunate Necromancer 2 Rated Stars The sequel to The Unfortunate Necromancer: destroy ghosts and use igor to collect items! Shooter - Fixed Shells Shells Rated Stars Memorize the sequence in which the crystals glow, then carefully repeat it. Skill - Other Father O'Malley - Part 3 Father O'Malley - Part 3 Rated Stars O'Malley has defeated the Zombie Lord, but now he must escape the Crypts of Na'uta! Platformer - Other Gather (Wasabi Project) Gather (Wasabi Project) Rated Stars Gather is a simple game about balancing the need to collect and avoid colored spheres Skill - Collect Cover Cover Rated Stars Defeat wave after wave of invading alien ships while dodging frantically between barriers Shooter - Fixed Loot Loot Rated Stars Loot is a casual dungeon crawl game: find treasure, fight monsters, and escape alive! Action - Other Crushing Pressure Crushing Pressure Rated Stars Rescue your people -- avoid the walls, the Doomcubes, and the Whizblades! Skill - Collect QTE Sisyphus QTE Sisyphus Rated Stars A simple, straightforward game about memory, patterns, and timing. Skill - Typing Unfortunate Necromancer Unfortunate Necromancer Rated Stars A silly swat-the-fly type game, except the flies are replaced by the tormented undead... Skill - Collect